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Approved Installer Scheme – The Relaunch!

We are very pleased to announce the relaunch of our Approved Installer Scheme!

Our Approved Installer Scheme is a chance for landscapers to represent us as a business. As an approved installer you will receive projects directly from Grono. There are no ongoing costs involved to become an approved installer, once you have achieved sign-off, you are then ready to receive projects from us.

The Grono Approved Installer Scheme allows for a network of qualified installers to who we can direct projects with confidence. You will be registered as an approved installer within your area and added to our website’s ‘Find a Stockist’ page so your business will benefit from our online traffic.

A Grono approved installer will receive a wide range of benefits including:

– Approved Grono installer scheme offers a 1500 nationwide branch network

– Sales referrals

– A Grono starter pack

– Grono in-house training

– Access to premium marketing collateral

– Training program and mentorship

– Access to our training programme: School of Grono

– Be registered on our website as an approved Grono Installer

– Extended warranty

To register for the scheme you will need to be able to provide images of laid Grono composite products, along with an assessment video of the installation and proof of purchase for installations.

Once registered, our Grono Install Scheme Team will assess your application and get back to you within 5 working days. If successful, you will be brought into our head office for in-house training.

To sign up for the Grono Installer Scheme, visit our website: 

Phone: +44 (0) 161 877 0929