Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
We are the UK's leader in artificial grass
Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
Artificial Grass
​The Gronograss product range offers a variety of artificial grass types to suit all needs and requirements. Produced to the highest possible standards for a flawless, durable and low maintenance lawn.

Gronograss is one of the most realistic fake lawns available, with lush blades and a dead thatch that creates a more authentic appearance. It is also child and pet friendly and provides a luxurious, practical and safe outdoor space for all the family.

Here you can conveniently order any product from our artificial grass range in a wide variety of sizes to suit any type of installation. Don’t forget to order any accessories such as Grono Joint Tape and Grono Bond Glue.

Family Friendly

Our artificial grass is kid and family friendly due to its soft and non-abrasive feel that allows you to sit back and relax in your garden.

Multiple uses

Our artificial grass has multiple uses and is perfect for transforming commercial & residential areas.

Pet Friendly​

No more muddy paws or patchy lawns with our artificial turf for pets which can even be used indoors to withstand any mess made by your furry friends.

No Pollen​

If you suffer from allergies or hay fever, then our Gronograss range will allow you to enjoy your garden to the fullest with its zero pollen count.

Safe For Schools​

For a safe and durable outdoor play area flooring, artificial grass has the answer, minimising injury from any tumbles or falls.

UV Resistant

All of our artificial grass offers fantastic UV protection, resistant to fading and keeping your garden green all year round.

Gronograss Accessories
The Gronograss accessories that have been specifically designed for our products and will help you finish the job to the highest standards.
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