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Care and maintenance of your Gronodec

The Gronodec range of eco-friendly composite decking boards is very hard wearing and low maintenance by nature. Gronodec is made out of 55% natural hardwood fibre obtained from sustainably managed sources, combined with 35% recycled plastic (100% fully recycled) plus 10% additives – which includes colouring and a UV stabiliser which helps your decking remain fade resistant.

After installation you will notice some slight lightening in terms of colour (no more than 5%), this is only natural and after approximately 12-14 weeks of weathering, the colour will stabilise and there will be no further loss of colour.

Only very minimal maintenance is required to keep your decking free from the natural build-up of natural dirt and grime and looking it’s very best. So to protect your investment and keep your composite decking looking it’s very best, we recommend the ‘little and often’ approach. You can either wash your Gronodec using a soft brush and warm soapy water or if you wish, you can use a power washer (max. pressure 1500psi). Ensure that you spray in line with the direction of the boards using a fan nozzle at a minimum of 6 inches from the surface using an appropriate cleaning product.

Even though your Gronodec is formulated to resist staining and the growth of mildew, if your Gronodec is constantly exposed to excessive moisture and the build-up of dirt and grime, some staining can naturally occur.

You can remove most regular stains such as those caused by greasy food with warm water and soap, or a household degreasing as soon as the stain occurs then rinse well with warm water. For more stubborn stains it is advisable to use a specific composite wood cleaner (these are widely available at many DIY outlets but please make sure you always follow the instructions and test first on an inconspicuous area).

As with any outdoor surface that you walk upon, over time there are bound to be some light surface scratches visible. These can be removed with a light sanding using a 60 to 80 grit sandpaper or a wire brush. Gently sand or brush in the direction of the grain of the decking until the scratch is no longer visible. This method can also be used on more stubborn stains. Any area that you treat will appear lighter in appearance once complete, but you will find that after approximately 12-14 weeks of weathering this will become virtually unnoticeable.

Failure to follow the ‘little and often’ approach might save you time in the short term, but in the long term you will end up spending more time (and money) putting it right.

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