Care and Maintenance of your Gronograss 

Gronograss is designed to withstand all weather conditions and is one of the most realistic artificial lawns available, with lush blades and a dead thatch that creates a more authentic appearance. Gronograss is child and pet friendly while providing a luxurious, practical, and safe outdoor space for all the family. Gronograss is weather-resistant and comes […]

Care and maintenance of your Gronodec

The Gronodec range of eco-friendly composite decking boards is very hard wearing and low maintenance by nature. Gronodec is made out of 55% natural hardwood fibre obtained from sustainably managed sources, combined with 35% recycled plastic (100% fully recycled) plus 10% additives – which includes colouring and a UV stabiliser which helps your decking remain […]

Maintaining your Grono Lawn

Unlike a traditional lawn, there’s no mowing, weeding or feeding, no mud or bald patches and no watering, but unfortunately, it’s not a no maintenance option. To protect your investment and keep your artificial grass looking its very best we recommend the ‘little and often’ approach. By following the five simple steps below you will […]