Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
Gronoclad can be used to transform any outdoor space
Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
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Gronoclad WPC composite cladding can be used to transform any outdoor space and can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Ideally suited to smartening up both residential and commercial properties, it is a perfect and eco-friendly solution for design and architectural projects.
Made out of wood from sustainably managed sources, combined with 100% recycled plastic, each of our external cladding boards are extremely hard wearing and environmentally-friendly.
Stylish and contemporary, Gronoclad is available in three colours with a sanded finish; Mocha, Grey and Charcoal. It is weatherproof, fire retardant and comes with the added benefit of a 25 year product warranty.
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When compared to other wall cladding materials, WPC is light in weight and so can be installed effectively and seamlessly.

low maintenance

WPC requires very little care as it has string resistance against weather conditions.


Due to the plastic containment of WPC, the cladding has improved durability over alternatives.

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