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Gronodec Installation – Top Tips

The Gronodec collection is a core range of wood plastic composite (WPC) decking, reformed from 55% recycled wood fibre, 35% recycled plastic, with a balance of resin and iron oxide pigment, which helps the decking boards remain fade resistant. Ethically and sustainably sourced, inheritable durable, and aesthetically pleasing – composite decking is easy to install, rot-resistant, and splinter-free. The Gronodec collection is the perfect addition to any project and will enhance any contemporary outdoor living space.

Composite decking has an average lifespan of anywhere from 25 to 30 years. Whereas traditional timber decking will last for 15 years, at most. While extremely durable once laid, with wood plastic composite materials can be brittle during the handling process, it’s important to ensure the installation of composite products is completed correctly and handled with care. 

To help with correct installation, check out the Gronodec installation 5 top tips below, from our Landscape Installation Manager, Lukasz Mazurek!

  1. Before starting your installation, the most important tip is to plan! Figure out the general idea of where you want to build your decking area. From here you need to plan for how many joists will be needed, and also how you want to finish your decking area off. For example, will it be finished by Gronodec Noseboards or Gronodec Angle Trim.
  1. If you are building for a square frame, you need to ensure you measure diagonally from opposite corners. This will ensure your frame will be equal and that all four lengths should be the same measurement.
  1. During Gronodec installation, use the Gronodec Spacer to ensure the correct expansion gaps are in place. Using the Gronodec Spacer will help to avoid your boards from moving during expansion. It’s important to use the correct expansion gap depending on the weather/temperature. The Gronodec Spacer offers measurements for warm (6mm) and cold (9mm) weather.
  1. During the installation of your decking, it’s important to make sure the gaps in between the butt joists are exactly the same throughout the build. This will ensure the final finish is correct and durable.
  1. When you are installing noggins for the timber frame, you need to start from the centre, work your way out towards the ends of the frame. Make sure you keep measuring after every noggin to avoid any problems with pushing the frame out. 

To find out how to maintain and care for your Gronodec project, head to our previous article and find out more of our top tips: 

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