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How to install your artificial lawn

So, you’ve bought your artificial grass and are ready to have it installed. Here at Grono, we would always recommend using one of our approved installers, but if you fancy having a go yourself, follow these six simple steps for a perfect lawn that will last for many years to come.



Step 1 – Prepare the area.

Prepare the area and remove the topsoil to a depth of 100mm. Spray the freshly dug area with weed killer and put down a weed membrane and secure round the edges.

Step 2 – Edging the perimeter.

We recommend edging the perimeter with either 100mm x 25mm treated timber, composite batons or a concrete haunch. For the composite or timber batons, you then need to secure them in place with stakes of the same material.

Step 3 – Fill the excavated area.

Fill the excavated area with MOT type one stone compacted down to 75mm followed by sharp sand or grano dust (6mm to dust) compacted down and screeded flush with the top of the batons.

Step 4 – Roll out your artificial grass.

Roll out your artificial grass (ideally with the pile leaning towards the back of your house or the main focal point). Next, trim the grass to fit (making sure that you remove the manufacturer’s edge) and cut the grass from the back so that you don’t damage the pile.

Step 5 – Secure the grass and finish off.

Once you are happy with the positioning of your artificial grass than its time to fasten it down. For timber batons, you can use ring shank nails every 15-20cm. For composite, you can use small-headed screws or glue and for a concrete haunch, you can use glue. This just leaves you to brush up the pile using either a power brush, stiff yard brush, jet washer or leaf blower.

Step 6 – Sit back, relax and enjoy.

That’s it. Your artificial lawn is finished and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

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