Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
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Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
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As green wall specialists in Manchester, we take garden landscaping to the next level with living walls and vertical garden systems that add an element of luxury and lusciousness to your garden, terrace or even indoor space.
Living greens walls are becoming more and more popular in residential gardens and on the sides of commercial buildings.
If you need any advice on our green wall products, then please call us on 0161 877 0929.

Interior and outdoor use

Both the Deluxe and Instant Living Wall can be used to transform any indoor and outdoor space.

Improved Staff Productivity​

An aesthetically pleasing and well designed green wall can improve staff productivity with a colourful, green oasis to admire and inspire.

Easy and quick installation

Our Deluxe and Instant Living Wall's are incredibly quick and easy to install.

Panels can be cut to fit bespoke areas

The Deluxe and Instant Living Wall can be cut to bespoke sizes to fit any project.

Low Costs

With very little maintenance, artficial green walls make for a very low cost addition to any space.

Protection and durability

We use high quality materials which are highly durable and capable of looking their very best for many years.

Phone: +44 (0) 161 877 0929