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Maintaining your Grono Lawn

Unlike a traditional lawn, there’s no mowing, weeding or feeding, no mud or bald patches and no watering, but unfortunately, it’s not a no maintenance option. To protect your investment and keep your artificial grass looking its very best we recommend the ‘little and often’ approach. By following the five simple steps below you will keep your Grono artificial grass in perfect condition.

Step One: Remove leaves

If fallen leaves are left on your Grono lawn, they will start to decompose which creates the perfect environment for weeds and can block the drainage holes. For best results use a stiff broom, leaf blower or plastic rake to remove the leaves.

Step Two: Remove weeds and apply weed killer

We always recommend installing a weed membrane to prevent weeds growing up through your artificial grass. Regular removal of any weeds that do appear will prevent drainage holes getting blocked. Spraying with a water-based weed killer twice a year can also help prevent surface weeds from airborne seeds.

Step Three: Remove pet waste

As with real grass, pet waste should be removed straight away. Any residue can be removed using warm water and a mild detergent such as washing liquid. Any areas that your pet regularly uses to urinate can also be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. We recommend using Grono Hassle Free Cleaner. Zeolite is another great option for preventing your grass from smelling.

Step Four: Brushing

When brushing your Grono grass you can use either a stiff broom, power brush, leaf blower or a jet washer. To keep the pile on your artificial grass standing upright we would recommend brushing your artificial grass at least once a month (depending on footfall). In the summer months or in areas of high traffic you may find you need to brush your grass on a more regular basis to stop the pile becoming flat and matted.

Step Five: Avoid mirrors or reflective surfaces

We do not recommend using outdoor mirrors or ornamental glass features, on, or near, your Grono lawn as they can seriously intensify the sun’s rays which can damage your Grono lawn. Any damage caused by these items will not be covered by your warranty.

Failure to follows this ‘little and often’ approach might save you time and money in the short term but in the long term you will end up spending more time and money putting it


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