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Care and Maintenance of your Gronograss 

Gronograss is designed to withstand all weather conditions and is one of the most realistic artificial lawns available, with lush blades and a dead thatch that creates a more authentic appearance. Gronograss is child and pet friendly while providing a luxurious, practical, and safe outdoor space for all the family. Gronograss is weather-resistant and comes with the added benefit of a 10-year product warranty.

While artificial grass is extremely low maintenance and remains healthy and presentable, compared to the real deal, you still need to keep an eye on your lawn and ensure it lasts to the full length of its lifespan. Little and often maintenance care is the perfect way to handle your artificial lawn. Check out Grono’s top tips on Gronograss care and maintenance below:

Regular brushing

We recommend gently brushing the grass once a week, using a soft bristle brush, in the opposite direction of the fibres, Always brush the grass after heavy use 

Removing leaves 

For the quickest way to remove leaves, use a normal leaver blower. Dry leaves are easier to remove than wet leaves with a leaf blower. You can always use a stiff brush or a plastic rake to remove leaves and debris, Always avoid using a metal rake. 

Pets and animals 

Urine can be simply hosed away with warm water and a light detergent, or you can use the Gronogras cleaner. Whereas solid waste can be easily removed and disposed of as soon as possible. 

How to remove stains

When removing a stain, it is important to act quickly. To absorb any liquid, use a clean cloth. If there is still a mark, use a mixture of warm water and a light detergent, with a stiff brush. Work in the solution and rinse the area thoroughly with water.

Things to avoid 

  • Do not place barbecues or other items that generate heat directly onto the grass
  • Never use sharp objects on the grass 
  • Avoid the use of improper footwear, such as high heels or studded sports boots
  • Never use strong detergents, such as bleach 
  • Do not place mirrors or reflective surfaces near your grass. This could reflect sunlight onto your grass and cause burning

To find out more about the full Gronograss range and the fantastic characteristics each grass has to offer, you can view the full range here: 

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