Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
Take a look at our NEW PErgola system
Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
Take a look at our Pergola
The Grono Pergola is the most stylish product on the market today. It is crafted from high-quality aluminium which ensures a solid low maintenance construction. The aluminium structure is UV protected, so it is resistant to fading and protects from harmful UV rays. The Grono pergola is 100% weather resistant and waterproof, therefore perfectly suitable for long term use.

The Grono Pergola is perfect for winter nights, with remote controlled LED lighting strips around the perimeter. The LED strips can be multicolour or white and you can also set them to change automatically. There are two easy wind mechanism on the back two corner of the Pergola that open and close the roof shutters.

The Grono Pergola is available in two sizes: 3m x 3m and 4m x 3m, which is available in charcoal.
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