Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
Take a look at our range of stone
Stylish | contemporary | Eco-friendly
Take a look at our range of stone
When it comes to high quality stone for your outdoor space, Gronostone are the premier supplier of natural stone paving products. Hard wearing, lightly riven and naturally beautiful, these are ideal for any path, driveway or patio paving. Sourced ethically from the quarries in India, each of our Indian sandstone slabs have their own unique qualities and patterns.
Take a look at our full garden and patio paving range. If you need help finding the right natural stone paver for you, get in touch with our friendly team today on 0161 877 0929.
Our natural sandstone paving is available in a thickness range of: 18-25mm.

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Stone Two


Stone Three


Low Maintenance​

Natural sandstone is a well-rounded material and surprisingly requires very little maintenance, making it a good value for money.

Weather Resistant​

For weather resistant paving solutions, choose from Grono’s array of natural stone products which are more able to withstand frostier conditions in comparison to concrete.

Eco Friendly​

Our sandstone is the ideal eco-friendly choice for sustainable paving thanks to its waste-free lifespan, making it a very popular option for your residential and commercial property.

Easily Cleanable​

Cleaning your patio, path or driveway has never been easier with natural stone paving at your feet for maintaining a beautifully clean floor for your space.


Natural stone tiles have taken over a thousand years to form and for this reason it is extremely hard wearing and long lasting for exterior paving projects.

Unique Designs

A unique blend of colours and patterns formed naturally by the earth means that you will have a bespoke natural stone patio, driveway or path every time.

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